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Each student in our programme are studying the same thing since we are aware that they each have unique gaps and requirements. It is always adjusted according to the needs of the individual learner.

Early Childhood Education

A child's lifetime learning journey can be paved with the excellent Early Childhood Education services offered by Tutor In Dubai. Our knowledgeable teachers are aware of how important the early years are in determining a child's growth and future success. Our Early Childhood Education programme places a strong emphasis on energising young minds, promoting creativity, and constructing crucial social and cognitive abilities via a combination of engaging activities, interactive learning, and a supportive atmosphere. We support a tailored strategy that takes into account the particular talents and challenges of each child, enabling them to develop at their own rate. We make sure that our young students acquire a love for learning and inquiry by placing a strong focus on play-based learning, putting them on a path of lifetime curiosity and academic distinction.

Subjects You Can Learn With us

Tutor In Dubai works with all students between grades 1 to 12 and caters to most curricula. We specialize in teaching English, Math, Arabic, and Sciences as well as exam preparation tests like SAT and IELTS.



Math program that teaches key topics for grades 1 – 12 across multiple curriculum.

English Comprehension

Reading is the common thread for learning all subjects.

English Writing

Grammar, punctuation, enrichment, composition are some of the basic building blocks we teach.


Learning arabic reading and writing has never been more fun and engaging for all grades.


Chemistry tutoring program for major curriculum with focus on GCSE exam preparation


Biology tutoring program that covers all topics and helps you in your exam preparation.


Physics tutoring program which covers all topics and helps you in your exam preparation.

SAT Preparation

SAT prep which focusses on math and english and helps you in admission to your dream university.


At Tutor In Dubai, we offer professional accounting instruction to help students achieve in school and comprehend financial concepts.


Achieve academic success in economics by excelling in the subject with the help of qualified coaching from Tutor In Dubai.

Business Studies

The Business Studies programme at Tutor In Dubai offers professional coaching while you explore the business.


Ielts vast selection of subjects caters to all, providing gardening essentials, home decor, and much more with unmatched ....

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